Agricultural Insulation Ireland

Closed cell spray foam insulation is the ideal material for insulation of any agricultural or commercial shed. Insulating your shed with spray foam is quick and very cost effective.

Closed cell spray foam differs from open cell, its cells are closed and when applied its expansion is less than open cell. It forms a dense rigid material that is waterproof with high thermal resistance. Closed cell is used in commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.

Commercial Insulation Ireland

Uninsulated sheds can be damp and cold in the winter and hot and humid in the summer. This makes them prone to condensation build up which can drip from the shed cousing damaging to produce or materials stored within.

The images below are an example of a agricultural commercial shed insulation job using closed cell spray foam insulation in Tullamore Co. Offaly. The client is setting up a snail farm and required a temperature controlled environment.

In order to maintain the high temperature needed for the snail farm we applied a 3 inch deep coating of closed cell spray foam insulation to the roof and walls of the agricultural shed. In order to keep the temperatures constant the client used a heat recovery ventilation system.

Agricultural Commercial Shed Insulation Gallery

Commercial Agricultural Shed Insulation

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A well insulated commercial or agricultural shed is a lifetime investment and at Pro Spray Foam Insulations we provide an affordable, professional service, we are SEAI accredited insulation installers so Government Grants can further reduce the costs.

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Benifits of Shed Insulation

  • Airtightness

  • Lower Heatring Bills

  • Damp Removed

  • No Condensation

  • Reduce Harmfull CO2

  • Cost Effective

  • Temperature Control