Spray Foam Insulation Clare

Spray Foam Insulation in Clare Attic

If you are living in or near Clare and would like to find out more about how spray foam insulation can help you reduce your heating bills, increase the value of your home and create a healthy warm living environment for your family this is a great place to start.

We have been involved in the spray foam insulation business for the past 15 years and have insulated many attics, walls, sheds, asbestos roofs and walls in Co. Limerick.

We only use NSAI approved open cell spray form in all domestic applications where the timbers and structure need to breathe.In too many homes in Limerick damp and mould accumulates in the attic due to poor insulation and ventilation, this creates potentially hazardous mould and damp.

We always use a breathable vent card in attics where a 50mm air gap is required to be maintained between the roofing felt and the insulation material. This is to allow all the escaping water vapour easy access to the out side air flow thus preventing damp and mould formation.

All of our teams in Clare use NSAI Agreement Certified spray foam insulation products and are SEAI registered. If you need attic insulation, or new build or cavity wall work done on your home contact us for a free quote today.