Spray Foam Insulation Limerick

Spray Foam Insulation Limerick

If you're living in Co. Limerick and have been thinking about having some insulation work done this autumn or winter have a look atspray foam insulation. Open cell spray foam insulation expands to over 200 times its size enabling it to find its way into every nook and cranny. This ability to expand creates many positives, these including, unrivalled airtightness, because the cells are open, its ability to breathe eliminates mould and damp and of course excellent U Values.

Having a spray foam insulation created airtight attic or loft helps lower your heating bills as there is no where for the heat to go. An airtight attic helps also improve the efficiency of your ventilation due to the breathable quality of spray foam's open cells which allow water vapour to escape.

All attics insulated in Limerick must have a 50mm air gap maintained between the roofing felt and the insulation material as stipulated by Irish Building Regulations Part L. We achieve this by attaching breathable vent cards to the rafters exactly 50mm from the felt, the foam is then applied on top.

In every home water vapour is created, by respiration perspiration, cooking, kettles, baths, showers etc but with nowhere to go this water vapour can condense and create harmful damp and mould. Due to its ability to breathe open cell foam allows the water vapour to escape preventing damp and mould the opportunity to form.

Spray foam insulation costs depend on the type of foam used, open or closed cell, the area covered and if there are obstacle or hight issues.

We are fully SEAI resisted and our spray form has a lifetime manufacturers guarantee and is NSAI Certified

If you are interested in having your attic or walls insulated in Co. Limerick with open cell spray foam please give us a call on 087 6323186 or send us a message via a form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Spray Foam Reviews

After calling a number of firms i found online the first one to actually call me back was Adrian from Pro Spray Foams, From that minute on i was treated in a professional and respectful manner. Adrian called to our house and advised us on the best way to insulate our home and gave us a price on the spot.

Within a few weeks the insulation team came and carried out the install, it was a very non invasive process and we have noticed our heating bills have lowered but also i have noticed upstairs we hear less road noise at night which is great. I have referred Adrian to a number of people since.

Dickie Donnelly

After searching a number of spray foam businesses to insulate my attic, Pro Spray Foam were recommended and I found their rep Adrian came in with the keenest price when he came out to have a look at the attic.

Once they were on the job, they were very clean, quick and efficient and evidently very experienced. I was happy to learn they also conform with the most modern building regulations as I received my NSAI Ezero 500 cert straight after.

I'm currently building an adjoining shed and will certainly have spray foam installed once it gets built. I would have no problem recommending this company to anyone - Top service

Darragh Molloy

Thanks to Adrian and his team at pro spray foam for a fantastic job.Adrian called firstly to view the job and give advice, was very impressed with his knowledge and expertise.The guys went over and above to accommodate my needs and even done extra work on insuring I was satisfied with the job.

Would highly recommend the guys in pro spray foam. Gary Ballina Tipperary.

Gary Kirby