Spray Foam Insulation Ireland

Spray foam insulation is widely recognised as the best form of insulation in achieving an airtight seal in your attic. We use EZero 500 from CPI FOAM which has been tested by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) and been awarded its coveted Agrément Certificate.

The breathable vent card is attached to the rafters 50mm from the roofing felt then the foam is sprayed directly on the card between the rafters leaving an air gap for water vapour to mix with the outside air.

The vent card allows your roof timbers to breathe while maintaining a continuous airtight seal. CPI's vent card is the only card that has been tested in Irish climatic conditions by the NSAI.

Open cell spray foam also has excellent sound absorption qualities and installers regularly get requests to use it in the stud partitions around bathrooms, en-suites, utility rooms and between the joists of upstairs floors for this very purpose.

Open cell foam is usually more suitable for residential applications because of its moisture permeability, or the ability for moisture to pass through the insulation. Most homes are constructed out of wood, and it is this reason, moisture permeability, why open cell foam is best suited for residential homes.

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Open Cell Spray Foam

The three main differences between open and closed cell foam are moisture permeability, flexibility and cost. Open cell is a lightweight foam that is flexible, and an excellent air barrier.

Open Cell Spray Foam more flexible than closed cell foam. When your building expands and contracts with the weather, or are impacted by high winds, open cell foam will flex with the structure. Open cell is breathable, allowing water vapour to escape from your attic timber while maintaining an airtight seal.

  • Benifits of Open Cell
    • Airtightness
    • Lower Heatring Bills
    • Better BER
    • Healthy Living Environment
    • Reduce harmfull CO2