5 Uses of Spray Foam

Shed Foam Insulation

Whilst spray foam is predominantly used for insulation to your property, there are actually several features that make it ideal for a range of purposes. Spray foam is a very versatile product and can help your property in several ways.

Pro Spray Foam Insulation make sure that any insulation you require can be completed swiftly and to a high quality with spray foam.

Insulation & Filling

Whilst there are several uses of spray foam, there is no denying its quality when it comes to the insulation of your property and filling any part of your home with spray foam. Keeping heat within your home is essential for low heating bills and using spray foam for this could reduce your bills.

Any cracks or crevices that do appear in your home, you will want to deal with imminently. Using spray foam will make sure these gaps are filled correctly and that the overall appearance of your home is significantly improved.

Noise Reduction

Even the smallest gaps can lead to more noise within your property. Although this may not be a massive deal to some homeowners, making sure your home is private can be important. Using spray foam is one of the best ways to provide noise reduction.

Spray foam can be put in place in any area of your property, as well as between different pipes and framing within the property. With the use of spray foam, this should reduce the amount of noise in your property.

Securing Windows

Your windows can be prone to allowing cold air in and hot air out, as well as noise entering from your windows. Without features such as double glazing, your windows are much thinner than other areas of your property.

If the window is unsecure, spray foam can be used again to improve the quality of your window and make sure the window is tight to your property. The foundation of your windows can always be improved with the use of spray foam around the window.

Steadying Wobbly Items

Wobbly items can be present in any home and spray foam can be used to make sure any wobbly items are easily steadied. Items such as showerheads or doorknobs may become loose and if not repaired, they break.

Rather than having expensive repairs or replacements, using spray foam can make sure all items are secured within your property.

Protect Breakables

Outside of your property, any breakable items can always be protected with the use of spray foam. By placing spray foam, fragile items can be moved and packaged up safely with spray foam. As you do not want to ruin fragile items, the spray foam can be sprayed around the items using a liner.

If you are looking to move properties, spray foam is one of the most helpful equipment to make sure all items are fully protected. Spray foam insulation not only fills the space but will make sure items are safe to be moved, easing worries of breaks and any damage.

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  1. Ray and all the team I’d like to say a massive thanks for a brilliant job by Profoam at our home last weekend. The crew who executed the task were so clean and tidy and considerate to our stairs and landing carpet. They even hoovered up when they finished. We can’t get over the difference in heat and no drafts any where. Thanks again Sean and Caroline

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