How much does spray foam insulation cost in Ireland

Attic insulated with spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation cost in Ireland depends on a number of factors:

  • The type of spray foam insulation you require. For most residential or office application we use open cell spray foam, but for commercial and Industrial applications on metal or concrete surfaces we use closed cell spray foam.
  • The area that you require to insulate. When insulating a large area the economies of scale will reduce the costs.
  • The depth of the foam required. Depending on the required u Value the depth of the foam required will vary as will the cost of the spray foam.
  • Access. If scaffolding or a crane are required or if your attic is hard to access this will change the price too.

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Shed Foam Insulation
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  1. Hi guys. How much would it cost to insulate an attic in terraced house. I am having issues with condensation in attic at the moment. Also , can the insulation remain if donw the line we decide to do attic conversion. Thanks for reply guys!

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