How to prepare your home for winter with spray foam insulation

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What has become apparent over the last few years is that Ireland’s winters are becoming colder. Last year low temperatures were sustained for long periods and even into spring. With that in mind, do you ever wonder how to prepare your home for winter in Ireland? Pro Spray Foams have been providing insulation solutions for harsh winters for the past 10 years. Not only have Pro Spray helped heat houses during winter all over Ireland but they have also helped reduce large heating bills for the clients they have worked with. Please read on to find out how spray foam insulation can help prepare your home this winter. 

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is the most versatile insulation material on the market today. Spray foam comes in 2 forms open cell which is typically used in homes or offices and closed cell which is used mainly on metal or concrete wall and roofs.

Open cell spray foam insulation is used in residential applications, attic insulation, floor insulation and wall insulation. Open cell spray foam fills every nook and cranny expanding to over 200 times it size and creates an airtight seal when applied. By sealing your home with spray foam it stops hot air leaving your property and stops cold air from entering your property. Therefore, reducing your heating bills and keeping your home warmer for longer.

In residential applications especially in the attic, moisture and dampness is a hazard unless the moisture is able to escape. Irish building regulation state that a 50mm air gap must be maintained between insulation material and roofing felt, We achieve this by using the breathable vent card system, which enables moisture to pass through your rafters and foam to leave the building by passing through the foam into a 50mm air gap.

Pro Spray Foam Insulations are delighted to announce that, since September 2019, we have an All-Star Accreditation. Our accreditation comes from Business All-Stars, a national body responsible for identifying and accrediting Best-in-Class Irish Businesses.

To get the best insulation for your home or commercial property and to find out how much does Spray Foam Insulation cost, give Pro Spray Foam Insulations a call today or you can make an enquiry here. Our installers are fully trained and NSAI Certified.

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