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Timber Frame Insulation With Spray Foam

Open cell spray foam insulation is ideal for a timber frames attic, roof, walls or floor

Insulating your timber frame home with spray foam insulation is quick, energy efficient, cost effective, provides great thermal and sound insulation and is of course the most airtight material on the market.

Build regulations stipulate that a 50mm air gap is required between insulation material and the roofing flet unless the roof has been counter battoned. To achieve this 50mm air gap we employ CPI Foam’s unique ridgid breathable vent card.

Most roofing systems in Ireland are not counter battened so its very important to maintain a 50mm air gap between the foam and roofing felt. We are able to achieve a continuous 50mm air gap by employing CPI Foam’s unique breathable vent card system.

The card to attached to the rafters at the required 50mm from the felt. The foam is then applied to exposed rafters and the card. As the card is rigid it doesn’t warp or degrade like cardboard yet allowing water vapour to escape.

Open cell spray foam is primarially used in home insulation, attic, walls or floors

We use open cell spray foam on all our timber frame constructions, open cell foam is fast becoming Ireland’s leading insulation martial. Famed for its airtightness qualities and its ability to fill every nook and cranny, open cell is also designed ‘breathe’ allowing water vapour to escape your structure preventing mould and damp.

Using open cell spray foam on your timber frame construction it very cost effective, gives you great U values all with a ‘breathable’ airtight seal. This will contribute to reducing your heating bills, increasing the value of your home and creating a warm healthy living environment for your family or business.

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