What are the benefits of Attic Insulation Ireland

What are the benefits of Attic Insulation Ireland?

Is your home losing heat through the roof? Are your heating bills consistently high? The benefits of Attic insulation Ireland can drastically reduce heating bills while keeping your home warmer for longer. 

If your roof is not properly insulated it can lose 20 – 30% of the homes heat. Spray Foam attic insulation Ireland fills every nook and cranny in your roofs rafters. Not only does this mean you save money, but it also means you decrease your greenhouse gas emissions and helps the environment. 

What type of Attic Insulation do you need?

Open cell spray foam is used for residential attic insulation in Ireland. Open cell expands to over 200 times its size and creates an airtight seal keeping your energy in the home. However, a 50mm gap is needed and part of the Irish building regulations. We achieve this by using the breathable vent card system, which enables moisture to pass through your rafters and foam to leave the building.

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Why you should choose Pro Spray Foam Insulations

Pro Spray Foam Insulations are based in Birr, Co. Offaly, being so centrally located we are able to cover the whole of our beautiful country. We have all been trained in health and safety and are professionally qualified to use CPI Foam’s NSAI certified products.

We strongly believe that, if properly applied spray foam insulation is a cost effective and energy efficient way to insulate your home and reduce your heating bills.

We are accredited SEAI insulation contractors and are able to access grants under the Better Energy Homes Scheme.

As of September 2019, we have an All-Star Accreditation. Our accreditation comes from Business All-Stars, a national body responsible for identifying and accrediting Best-in-Class Irish Businesses.

the benefits of spray foam attic and wall insulation

You May be Eligible for a Grant

The Better Energy homes grants are single grants for carrying out individual retrofitting works such as attic or cavity wall insulation.

To read more about possible grants you may be eligible for give this Irish Times article a read. 

You can check to see if you are eligible for insulation grants, which does include attic insulation, that may be available to you over on the SEAI website.

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